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Paving the Road Towards a Better Future

Since we were founded in 2017, Yvonne Bell Foundation has become an important part of the South Florida Community. We work with the most dedicated and charitable people to help ease the suffering of those we work with. Contact us to learn more about what you can do to help, and become a part of the change by donating or volunteering today.



To provide an atmosphere filled with only good vibes while focusing on the basics of wholesome fun; always geared to bring a reconnection to the hope that the individuals and their families may have lost in the midst of fighting what seems to be an endless war against a faceless enemy.



To provide a place where families are faced with tough health issues, particularly cancer can indulge in healthy wholesome fun for a day. To create a healthy environment of competition where families can be strengthened in the midst of going through a difficult time in their lives.  To foster relationships that will pour life, hope, and wholeness into others in the darkest points in their lives.


Yvonne Bell

Yvonne Bell

Finding a family that truly stays together through thick and thin is rare these days. In fact, the family unit has for years struggled to thrive; challenged with social and economic poverties, sickness,

divorce, domestic violence, and abuse, and even senseless deaths. Just glancing at these issues can be disheartening. It is a wonder some families even survive at all. For this reason, The Yvonne Bell Foundation saw a need for corporate healing and The Bell Games emerged.

Since 2017, the Bell Games event has hosted families from Central and South Florida as well as participants from as far as Nevada and California. By creating a platform to provide good, wholesome fun and foster relationships that will pour life, hope, and wholeness into others in the darkest points of their lives, the initiative is to bring entire families back to a place where they can really become a unit of strength thereby making communities secure and whole again.

Ma Bell raised eight children of her own and this family is no stranger to the hardships life can bring. When faced with the fact that our mom, an otherwise strong, vibrant woman, was now afflicted with a diagnosis of cancer, it became obvious that this was another opportunity for our roots of faith to deepen and our bond for God and one another to strengthen. During the last months of her life, she gave even more. And though the disease had relentlessly ravaged her body, she not once complained about her situation but instead focused on the well-being of others. Ma Bell was truly an inspiration to many to look beyond themselves and help others in need no matter what color, creed, or culture. From Start to Finish she displayed to her family that no man is an island. Soon after her transition from this side, it became clear to us that it was time for those teachings of selfless love to take center stage and shine. Having been raised to understand that 'family is all we have, as her legacy we are determined to make a difference in the community one family at a time.

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